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Build Your Oceanside Oasis the Right Way

The Gulf Coast is a beautiful place to build a home. You can spend Saturday afternoon walking its shores and you can watch a mesmerizing sunset over its waters Sunday evening. But the construction of your dream home does present a unique challenge: It can be difficult to establish a firm foundation on the earth beneath your house. You need to protect your Pensacola oasis with piling. The piling experts at Forrest Homes and Steel Construction can elevate your home and your lifestyle.

couple looking a new new house

Why Does My Home Need a Pile Foundation?

Piling is not new. In fact, Venice was built on a series of pile foundations. The soil at the surface of the land that lies adjacent to large bodies of water is naturally weak and cannot safely support the weight of buildings. Piling presents an alternative to traditional foundation methods that result in stronger foundations for homes near the ocean.

What we will do is bore or drill wood shafts into the ground where your home will be built. These shafts will drive well beneath the weak soil to solid rock or a harder layer of soil. Piles use natural forces, mainly friction, to their advantage. When the piles are bored into the ground, the friction created by the surrounding earth adheres to the wood and significantly strengthens the foundation. Wood is also slightly elastic and will give and take with the density of the soil underneath. Then the end-bearing portion of the piles simply transfers the weight of your home from the soft, unstable layer to the harder one below.

Protect Your Home
Against Storm Surges

There’s no way around it: During the course of your time on the gulf coast, you will experience hurricanes. Hurricanes are extremely destructive to homes, not just because of the tremendous wind strength they produce, but also because storm surges can rise suddenly and flood your home, causing catastrophic damage. When your property experiences extreme flooding, the soil in the area is eroded, causing non-pile homes to become dangerously unstable.

Pile construction provides an added layer of security, elevating your home a safe distance from the ground below. We are the piling experts Pensacola trusts to construct beautiful ocean-side homes, worry-free. Contact us to get started.

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