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Discover the Gulf Coast

Let Forrest Homes & Steel Construction handle your home design project in Pensacola. The advantages of building a home in such a beautiful region are numerous. Pensacola bursts with natural beauty. Enjoy the interlinked and isolated nature experience of the Gulf Islands with a kayaking trip. Living in Pensacola means that you’ll never lack for things to do. For culturally-astute patrons of the art, take in a night at the Pensacola Opera and Pensacola Symphony Orchestra. Golf enthusiasts can find out why Florida golf courses boast a sublime golfing experience. You can take in a Blue Angels air show after a day at the beach and be home in time to catch the Florida sunset over the Gulf Coast.

kids playing on beach

Discover What the Forrest Homes & Steel Construction Way Means

Let us handle the details. When you hire us to design and build your home, you’re taking on a partner who will always look out for your interests. We do things the right way. We understand that your happiness is based on the quality of our work and the ease with which the project moves along. When you start a project with us, we’ll assign a representative to you. That representative will be in charge of making sure your needs are conveyed to the design and building team and that you’re the first to know of any changes to the building schedule.

Start the Next Chapter of Your Life on the Right Foot

You may have many motives for choosing the Pensacola area for your next home. Whether it’s for schools for your children, for a place for an active young professional to live or for a home for a recently retired couple, Forrest Homes & Steel Construction is uniquely placed and qualified to build your home. We have over 60 years of experience in the construction industry and a deep understanding of the challenges of building homes in the area. If your home will be built in an area with weak topsoil, we’ll make sure to use pile construction to make sure your dream home has a solid foundation. Contact us today and we’ll get started.

Building Award-Winning Custom Homes for Over 60 Years