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Hear from Our Happy Clients

Dear Pete and Cindy,

Thank you so very much for our beautiful home!

You know I remember the first I met Pete as were riding through the subdivision. You were so nice, and I enjoyed talking to you that day and every day since. We knew Pete that you were so generous to us in every way, and we really really appreciate it!

Cindy, you were wonderful! You are completely professional and truly passionate about helping to give us the best care. You put my mind at ease with your calming spirit and kind way. You continually followed up with us with patience and were always so helpful. I always enjoy seeing you!

In our life this was the third time we have had the privilege to build Our experience with y’all was the BEST ever from start to finish!! The quality of the home beats anybody else! And of course, we also love Teddy too!

God bless y’all, and your family with well health and continued blessings!

Dale and Caty Boyd

Letter of Recommendation for Forrest Homes

I don’t write many of these letters of recommendation for anyone, especially companies which I have a contract with for work to be performed. Forrest Homes built my new house in Gulf Breeze, Florida, in 2014. I had never used this company nor met anyone from this company. I purchased a lot in Gulf Breeze, Florida, but had trouble with the banks because I only wanted a loan to purchase the lot not build a house on the lot yet. Because of the banks, I was forced to start construction a year earlier than I had planned. I contacted several builders in the Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, Florida, area and finally settled on Forrest Homes mainly because his quote to build was the best value for the dollar. Additionally, Forrest Homes provided contact information from previous individuals they had built homes for. I called several individuals had had positive reviews from all. I even went to some of his homes under construction and looked at the quality of his work. Additionally, I talk with his workers and the onsite foreman on two different projects. I was impressed with everyone in the organization.

The thing I liked most about Pete, the owner, is that he is honest and a man of his word. A handshake was enough to get the house started. His organization recommended Pen Air Federal Credit Union for the construction loan. Had the construction loan in one day and the bank even rolled it to a fixed rate loan upon completion of the home with no additional closing costs. During construction of the home my wife kept making changes to the floor plan and selection of tile, carpet, light fixtures, crown molding, and several little things she wanted to change. Pete took care of all the changes without a blink of the eye. In fact, he even came out to the house several times to see how things were going and to talk with us as a friend not a builder. Never had I seen that with any of the other builders.

I have built two other homes in many military moves. Every other builder charged additional fees at closing for any changes made after the contract was signed. Pete stayed on budget and timeline for construction. At closing there were no additional fees or surprises. Because of this relationship I have recommended many customers to Pete and every has used his company. In fact, both of my new neighbors used his company to build their homes.

Charles Williamson, Col USAF (Ret)

Thank you for all that you have done

Thank you for all that you have done and allowing us to move in early. The house is beautiful! We will highly recommend Forrest Homes to everyone.

Kenneth and Cynthia Smith

I’ve found the guy

Our lender gave us Forrest’s name and number. Forrest agreed to meet me at a house that was for sale on the beach–a real fixer upper. Forrest was the first builder to meet me. After we walked through the house together, I told Troy (my husband), “I’m done. I’ve found the guy.” I never doubted, never wavered, never ever wished I had talked to anyone else.

We bought that house, and Forrest made it perfect for us.

Monica Porter

Building Award-Winning Custom Homes for Over 60 Years